Skinterface…an original concept

For improved knowledge of the skin and hair system


Interfacing between industry and academy was a totally new concept in the early eighties.

After his active involvement in industrial research, Dominique Van Neste established Skinterface in 1987.


The MD and founder who graduated already in Dermatology presented a PhD thesis on skin function evaluation with non-invasive methods. He authored of an important number of original scientific papers and textbooks related to skin in general and hair in particular.

After a period of basic investigation on hair growth evaluation and after successfully developing experimental models of scalp hair transplantation including work related to targeting stem cells in the hair follicle in vivo, D. Van Neste conceived innovative approaches for clinical application in the hair transplantation techniques for man and woman affected with patterned hair loss or common baldness.

New procedures involve several steps ranging from pre-operative quantified diagnosis through anaesthesia and to post-operative care. This broad field of applications is shared internationally with our partners.